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CLARNIS Pop Store A11

The new launch of Cranz's Stretch Day Cream is demanding to create a flash space that will appeal to consumers to try out products and experience the elastic atmosphere of the skin. Designed with spring elements and designed interactive games to enhance the customer's impression of the product.



克蘭詩相信健康和快樂與美麗是密不可分。不只表達對女性的尊重,同時也尊重自然與生態多樣性。永遠傾聽、付出更多、做得更好,是克蘭詩的品牌精神。 Clarins believes that health and happiness and beauty are inseparable. It not only expresses respect for women, but also respects nature and biodiversity. Always listening, paying more, and doing better is the brand spirit of Clarins.

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